Books are not only for bookworms

Books are not just for bookworms

I’ve been a lifelong learner and reader since I was a young child. I remember reading the J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings series in grade 4 and was reading 450 pg novels by the time I reached grade 6.

In junior high, sports completely took over my life, and I developed into quite the athlete, leaving book reading to the bookworms.

By the time I reached college, I began to become interested (maybe obsessed is a better description) in the stock market and picked up reading. This love for books continued to develop, and refueled my passion for reading. Below are the some gems I have read over the years that have really contributed to my current way of life and thinking:

The Intelligent Investor – a book written by Warren Buffet’s mentor on value investing and finding intrinsic value in stocks. Highly recommended, most of the information contained within these pages is golden, and drastically influenced my investing style. If you can, try to buy the edition with Jason Zweig commenting. He summarizes each chapter and relates fairly present day examples to the old school teachings.

Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible – I’m sure there are a lot of good books on nutrition and supplementation out there, but I consider this book to be the standard. The book is written in a format in which it is very easy to look up any nutrient, mineral, antioxidant, etc you want, and whether you want a deep sleep, want to look younger, are looking to improve athletic performance, or want to spice up your sex life, this book is for you.

Starting Strength – Are you a weightlifting noob? Then this book is for you. Please do this guy a favour and purchase his book on his website, because the information contained within these pages is invaluable. This book shows you, step by step and in great detail, how to perform the big compound lifts, how to eat, and how to live to gain strength and muscle.

This should be enough for now. Books on vitamins, musclebuilding, and investing should be enough to get you started on the path to health, success, and wealth.

Now get reading!

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Calling all college students

Eh college boys,

do you drink? And do you want to drink cheaply?

Well this blog will teach you how to do that, and its not the typical “buy a 15 pack of keystone brah” advice either.

Before I let you in on my little secret concoction, I must use a disclaimer.

This formula is not my own and was given to me by a buddy of mine. I don’t own the rights to the formula and when you do decide to mix up this drink, use at your own discretion. A couple drinks will get you completely wasted and blackouts may occur. I rarely drink this formula, but it is money well spent and has been surprisingly valuable to me.

Now, set aside 25-30 bucks or so and pick up the following ingredients:

-2 large 40s of Colt 45
-Artificial sweetener
-A 2 6 of absinthe

That’s it. That is all you need. Get a couple big jugs and mix those badboys together (only use half of the absinthe and be careful with the sweetener. Mix until you get the desired taste you want)

As an added bonus, make sure to pour shots of absinthe into the big jug after you have poured the Colt 45. The way that the absinthe “takes care” of the foam right away will leave you with a laugh or two.

Happy drinking! And be safe!

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The Wonderful World of Vitamins

I am a huge advocate of supplementation with vitamins and nutrients because our bodies have nutritional deficiencies. The foods that we eat are genetically engineered and contain harmful modified ingredients, thus reducing the nutrient value of our foods. Even “organic” foods are not actually completely organic, yet can still be labelled so.

Now, there are a ton of vitamins out there that do their job, and equally as many out there that are completely useless.

When it comes to my experience, I find that if you want your dick hard in the morning and to be firing on all cylinders in the gym, you’re going to want to cycle zinc. Zinc is a natural occurring mineral that helps to oversee the efficient flow of body processes and maintains enzyme systems and cells. It can be found in meat, seafood (oysters), pumpkin seeds, eggs, etc. I recommend 500mg a day.

For anyone out there that wants a sleep aid that works, look no further than Melatonin. Melatonin is an antioxidant that is produced within one’s own body. It is secreted by the Pineal gland and helps to regulate the bodies’ clock. Thus, it is extremely helpful in getting you to sleep and is a naturally occurring compound.

If you have a big next day and need to ensure 8 hours of sleep, consider Melatonin. 3-6mg should do the trick.

As a word of caution, please exercise caution when taking Melatonin. As helpful as it is, it is very easy to get addicted to it because of its efficacy, and one must exercise discipline when supplementing Melatonin. I’ve also noticed a “hangover effect” in which I will feel drowsy for a couple hours in the morning after a deep sleep on Melatonin.

These are just a few of supplements that I have used to increase the quality of my life. If you want a deep sleep and a strong libido, take my opinion into consideration. Your lady will thank you.

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Just f*cking do it

Just f*cking do it

Never underestimate the power of actually putting your nose to the grindstone and actually fucking doing something.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “who is this guy and why is he giving me advice?”

I’m definitely not a professional athlete, I’m not a surgeon, and I don’t tell jokes for a living. But I have learned a few things. The minute you stop being productive is when you atrophy. Every time in my life I have gotten lazy and depressed and stopped working at my goals, I atrophy. I stagnate. I become a worse version of myself.

I’ll give you guys a quick case in point. A couple months ago I was feeling very lethargic. I was bored, disheartened, and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel good about myself and I knew others weren’t feeling good about me either. I had done this countless times, but I researched online for something, anything, to get me out of my funk. After an hour or two of research I realized what I was going to do:

  1. Focus on eating better. This doesn’t mean I was going to turn from a fast food eating slob into an organic eating machine, but I knew I had to at least change some habits. I started with drinking more water, eating more greens, and investing a couple dollars into some good old fashioned supplements – mainly fish oils and vitamin D
  2. Exercise. I had trained countless times, usually stopping after exactly 4-5 weeks. I’ve always been fascinated by bodybuilders and I actually enjoy exercise, but I had sacrificed my own personal health for a couple hours of extra study time. Most of this “study time” was spent browsing the internet and essentially doing NOTHING productive.

To make a long story short, I had no money for a gym and decided to lift in my basement. I had a bench, some plates, and I installed a mirror. I’m sure if people outside were watching a 22 year old grunting and sweating in a basement, they would want me to get my noodle checked. Whatever. That’s beside the point.

Exercise in my dungy old basement was boring as hell to me. It was very hard to stay motivated when you know how easy it is to take a couple steps to the right and a comfy computer chair or couch is waiting for you.

But I exercised anyways. Because I knew it was a positive. And I was sick of the negative spiral that seems to rear its ugly head the more depressed you become.

And you know what? I love it. There’s nothing better then walking around, thinking you haven’t made a single change to your physique (because you see it every damn day in the mirror), yet you get a compliment about how “buff” your becoming. It gives you a little more pep in your step.

However, the main benefit of exercising was not how people viewed me externally or how much stronger I feel. Lifting was my stepping stone to even bigger goals – I’ve begun to take a deep interest in powerlifting and Olympic lifting and am currently in the stages of tracking down a gym and eventually competing. I’m not doing this for women. I miss the challenge that athletics bring. Attention from the opposite is just a byproduct by how good one feels inside.

It’s amazing how the simply act of fucking doing something has led to more (positive) forks in the road then previously. Never underestimate this power. I can’t wait to see what ideas will begin to form from this blog.

I’ll keep you posted.

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